Moss Energy provides plants with existing solid fuel boiler systems the capabilities of retrofitting with the most up to date combustion systems available. Moss specializes in converting old inefficient and emission spewing combustion/boiler systems into an updated low emission steam producing system. We will provide an internal engineering study to determine what modifications are required to maximize your systems steam capabilities while minimizing your emissions output. Our staff will determine what air/gas mixing design should be incorporated and what fan and system control modifications will be required. By providing excellent technology and design, steam production can sometimes be significantly increased. We always take into consideration your local air quality regulations when analyzing your equipment's capabilities.

Some of our retrofit services are as follows:

  1. PLC combustion controls
  2. New underfire/overfire air fans
  3. Firebox refractory replacement
  4. Fuel handling and storage equipment with automation controls
  5. Pressure vessel repair or replacement
  6. Grate and nozzle modifications or replacements
  7. Modifications to combustion system overfire air delivery system
  8. Mechanical collectors and breeching modifications or replacement
  9. Structural steel/ductwork/stack modifications
  10. Air to air combustion preheater system
  11. Heat recovery systems