Moss Energy is a system builder of steam and electrical generating facilities. Moss Energyís objective is to be a global leader in the supply of clean energy saving technologies by continually designing and installing new processes and products that are on the cutting edge in the energy marketplace. Moss Energy markets energy technologies with various products and services that utilize heat generation, waste heat recovery, syngas generation and co-generation processes by searching the world for the best technologies and equipment that compliment our own products. By doing so, we provide proven cutting edge technologies at the most competitive price. Those products are then installed with the most advanced control technology available to meet our customerís specifications and permit requirements. Our business model is to build smaller modular plants generally not to exceed 240,000 lbs./hr. of steam production or electrical production of approximately 20 MW or less that require less capital, shorter time to design, manufacture and install and can be scaled according to need. Our EPC (engineering / procurement / construction) capabilities allow Moss Energy to provide single source project responsibility.

Moss Energy provides alternative energy solutions for companies paying too much for their natural gas and electrical utilities. Our company engages in the research, development and commercialization of low cost gasifier and fluidized bed combustion systems, boiler and co-generation technologies for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental consumers. Even though alternative energy has been around for many years, it has never gained the importance for commercial use due to the low cost of energy in the past and the high cost to efficiently manufacture an alternative energy system. Due to todayís soaring global energy requirements, energy prices have been steadily rising and the need for clean and efficient low cost energy is needed to replace dirty and inefficient fossil fuel plants that are spewing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Mossís gasification systems are specifically designed to address the needs of our customers in order to reduce on-site fuel costs and become more energy self-sufficient.

Leading financial institutions expect crude oil and natural gas prices to continue to increase in the near future since demand for fossil fuels is much greater than supply. Traditional energy companies require fossil fuel reserves that are currently being depleted, while exploration costs are rising. New gas and oil reserves are very limited. With the world worrying about these rising prices and energy shortages, Moss Energy is striving to make clean alternative fuels the energy of the future.